Traditional Costume: coherence and diversity in the Low Danube Region

Період реалізації: 19.04.2011 – 18.04.2012

Results: - 3 research sessions organized in areas of the Low Danube region; - ethno-folkloric materials collected; - 3 ethnofolkloric research reports; - 3 lists including valuable folkloric informers from the areas subject to research; - 1 tailor's workshop in Galati, Romania; - tailoring equipment; - 90 traditional costumes produced by the tailor's workshop; - 3 folkloric groups from the Low Danube region provided with traditional costumes; 1 symposium reuniting 50 specialists in ethnography and folklore; 1 folkloric show reuniting 90 participants and 300 people in the audience; 1 medium and long term joint activity plan signed by the cultural institutions involved in the present project; 1 partnership agreement signed by the cultural institutions involved in the present project; 15 mass-media articles and materials; publications and promotional materials.

This project is funded in the framework of Joint Operational Programme “Romania-Ukraine-Republic of Moldova 2007-2013”.

Total budget: 166 526,00 €

Project partners:
Lead partner – The Cultural Centre “Low Danube” (Romania)
Partner 1 – Galati County Council (Romania)
Partner 2 – Youth Public Organization “New European Generation” (Ukraine)
Partner 3 – Culture Compartment of Cahul District Council (Republic of Moldova)
Partner 4 – Museum of Ethnography and Natural History (Republic of Moldova)

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