Навички які перетинають життя

Період реалізації: 29.08.2013 – 28.08.2014

The main purpose of the project: improving cooperation among young people in the border regions of Ukraine - Republic of Moldova - Romania as part of joint actions with skills development and training services life skills of children and youth.

Results: 1 Cross-border network for life-skills development support (CrossSkillsNet) set up coordinated by 3 Life-skills Centeres set-up, 1 analysis in cross-border area on life-skills development, 450 young students which will evaluate their life-skills during 15 workshops organized, 45 teachers informed during 3 Information sessions for teachers, 450 students informed during 15 Information sessions for young people realised and 15 workshops, 2 thematic contests organized to stimulate cooperation in cross-border area 1 summer camps that aims to develop life-skills and stimulate cooperation in cross-border area with 36 participants (30 students winners of the contests and 6 teachers), 2 guides developed (one provide support for teachers one for young people), multiplicated in 1000 items/each, 1 website realized, 10000 project flyers, 900T Shirts, 900 caps, 900 school-bags, 6 conferences organized, 6 press releases sent, 15 banners realized, 300 posters realized.

Total budget: 148 243,58 €

Project partners:
Lead partner – Youth Public Organization “New European Generation” (Ukraine)
Partner 1 – FEDEI - Foundation for Economical Development and European Integration (Romania)
Partner 2 – Foundation LERIS (Romania)
Partner 3 – Center for Private Initiatives (Republic of Moldova)

Діяльністі проекта

26.09.2014 - Заключительная конференция проекта